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Homebrew Beer Ingredients Dry Yeast

Dry Yeast

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Dry Yeast: Description/Purpose:
Coopers Ale All-purpose ale yeast, produces woody and citrus like beer at warm temperatures.  Medium attenuation and flocculation.
Muntons Ale All purpose ale yeast, good starter. Medium attenuation and high flocculation.
Muntons Gold All-purpose ale yeast with higher attenuation that regular Muntons.
Nottingham Neutral ale yeast, produces clean malty finish. High attenuation and medium flocculation.
Safale S-04(Whitbread Strain) English style Whitbread strain.  Vigorous character and high flocculation.
Safale US-05(American Strain)
Safbrew WB-06(Wheat Strain) Wheat beer strain, produces subtle ester and phenol flavor notes typical of wheat beers.
Saflager S-23(Lager) Lager strain, capable of producing continental lagers with a fruity, estery note.
Alcotec 48 Hour Turbo Yeast(Distiller's) Distiller's Yeast, 135 Grams. Yields 20 litersProduces 14% alcohol in 48 hrs, or 20% in 5 days.
Alcotec 24 Hour Turbo Yeast(Distiller's) Distiller's Yeast, 205 Grams. Yields up to 14% alcohol in just 24 hours. Yields 23 liters.
Superstart Distiller's Yeast Distiller's yeast 1 lb. bag

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